About the Blog

BFFemmes Hannah and Marnie bring you thoughts on life, love, art, music, and a thousand ways to smash the patriarchy.


Marnie believes strongly in the power of nail polish over a bad mood. Her interests include pop culture, science fiction, books about mothers and daughters, crying, feminism, and floral prints. She is a Mount Holyoke alum (class of 2014), and she is currently based in Somerville, MA, where she is working on defining the aesthetic of the “cemetery femme.”


When she’s not writing for “Femme as in Fuck You,” Hannah is a graduate student by day, a domesticated feminist by night, and New York City’s resident street weeper.  Things that make Hannah cry include: anything and everything by Adrienne Rich, red wine, the sound of wind in the trees, good samaritans, that passage in Mrs. Dalloway about Sally, every other passage in Mrs. Dalloway, beautiful women, commercials about the wilderness, and the trailers for Carol.  She is a Mount Holyoke alumna, class of 2015.


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